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Hello there and welcome. So I guess I'll just get straight to the point, these are some NES-themed tilesets for making world maps, caves, in-doors, or standard outside-styled maps. [Get this pack and anything else I create for $1 instead of full price by supporting me on patreon!]  With this set you'll be able to make:

  • World Maps
  • Outside Maps (Winter, Normal, Desert, Volcano)
  • Dungeons (Inner Caves)
  • Inside-Homes

This pack also includes 25 sound effects.


  • tilesets
    • Retro_A1
    • Retro_A1_Alt1 (prioritize pathway)
    • Retro_A1_Alt2 (prioritize snow)
    • Retro_A1_Alt3 (prioritize rock)
    • Retro_A1_Alt4 (prioritize desert)
    • Retro_A2
    • Retro_A2_Alt (desert replaces snow)
    • Retro_A3
    • Retro_A4
    • Retro_A5
    • Retro_B
    • Retro_C
    • Retro_D
    • Retro_E
  • se
    • retro_back
    • retro_buzzer1
    • retro_buzzer2
    • retro_chargeup
    • retro_confirm
    • retro_cursor
    • retro_damage1
    • retro_damage2
    • retro_damage3
    • retro_damage4
    • retro_damage5
    • retro_down1
    • retro_down2
    • retro_down3
    • retro_equip
    • retro_explosion
    • retro_item1
    • retro_item2
    • retro_laser1
    • retro_laser2
    • retro_wallbump
    • retro_water_electricity
    • retro_wind_fire1
    • retro_wind_fire2
    • retro_wind_fire3
  • README.txt
  • Screenshots
    • Scr1
    • Scr2
    • Scr3
    • Scr4
    • Scr5
    • Scr6
    • Scr7

Contents of README.txt:

You can use this in both commercial and non-commercial products. Credit is not needed, but is asked. If you decide to credit, then please credit either "William Ramsey", or credit "TheUnproPro".


This pack does NOT come with a castle theme or a space/futuristic theme.

Published May 25, 2018
TagsNES, Retro, RPG Maker, rpg-maker-mv
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