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There are a couple of visual bugs! The time isn't read properly, as such the boss will appear on day 11 around 1 PM ish instead.

$ earned after battle needs a decimal at the end of the last digit, and if there already is one, it should be moved over one. Consider you getting 1 digit less (removing the final digit)

Sometimes monster drops wont actually be obtained for some reason

I've worked tirelessly, 8 to 10 hours per day to make this idea a reality! Thank you so much KADOKAWA/DEGICA(Komodo)/RPG Maker Community!

Enjoy this game! Play it here on the page, or download the IGMC.zip file and open it in RPG Maker MZ, then enjoy! :)


This is a story about a young man who is reincarnated into a fantasy world, where he was born as a "Puppy". Not the usual type of puppy however, but one of mighty stature and power! Although he wasn't always that way. He needs your help to train for a dangerous power that awakens! Make use of training, adventure mode, combat and "rebirth" to make him as strong as he can be before day 10!

Instead of patching

I'd like to keep all versions while I finish polishing up the end result. I've provided multiple zip file, one with the patches fixed. This way, if you want to try the version with the bug fixes, you still can and I wont get DQ'd from the IGMC <3


Train with a punching bag and gain ATK power! Whack the bag as fast as you can and try not to miss to earn mroe score, which will increase how much your stat gain is!


Get jiggy with it! Help Skyth dance by training with this Rythm based minigame! Get a combo of 3 to get a "Fever" which increases your score!


Oh noes, It's raining moons! D: Howl at them to bounce them back up! Burst one of them to obtain massive points!


Keep those bad thoughts away! Click them as they approach to help Skyth gain more MP!


Battle intense, strong foes! use the Influence commands to try to tell Skyth what to do, though sometimes he may ignore you! Use your MP to heal up when in need!


  1. Fast Stats
    I recommend buying cookies with your starting money, that way you can train a whole lot without having to waste 8 hours resting! Use your first day to do nothing but training!
  2. Boss Enemies during Adventures
    Boss enemies are an incredible way to gain stats, as when you kill them you'll get 1/500th of their stats, but beware! They're super tough, so I recommend training with the bag & fast feets strictly on day 1.


Windows.zip 529 MB
RMMZ Project (First) 802 MB
RMMZ Project (Patch 1) 802 MB
RMMZ Project (Patch 2) 414 MB
RMMZ Project (Patch 3) 414 MB

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