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Updating PIXIjs will result in bugs with shaders. Previous shaders I've made, such as the reflection effect may not work properly. However, some shaders may work -better- such as the resolution cut for the retro plugin I made. However, the composite effect is an example of one that breaks. It's not an issue with pixi, it's that it uses WebGL 2.0

Why upgrade?

Much, much faster performance (in theory) and better shader control. WebGL 2.0 supports many different built-in variables that shader developers can use to take advantage of. If you're a developer -and- a game designer, upgrade. it's easy.

How it works

Basically, the plugin downloads files from my server that have been edited. Thanks to  https://fenixenginemv.gitlab.io/guides/pixi5-upgrade.html for getting me started by showing me the basics of getting PIXI 5.3.0 running. There were leftover bugs, such as scaling and bitmaps not refreshing properly but I've fixed those as well.



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Development log


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It seems like there are problems with HTTPS protocol. Exception expected HTTP protocol

Line 34 "var http = require('http');" to "var https = require('https');"

The second issue, when I try to update seems like is not working. Has passed 10 minutes since started and still the bar is on 0. Maybe is due to the mini patch I did with the protocols? Who knows hahaha 

Bah I'll have to re-write it :( Sorry about that; the domain expiration really did a number on this script lol, tried changing the URLs to a direct PIXI link but then forgot about the necessary modifications to the core scripting.

Had the same, it's not working :( sadly.

Is not working :c

What error are you getting

(2 edits)

Thank you for the time you dedicate to us!

Can't update. Maybe your website is not working?Maybe you deleted it a long time ago, because it says that this website does not exist. Maybe you have a GitHub with the files or something?

Ah crud yeah I forgot to renew the dang thing; rip.. I'll check into it, ty Egames

Thanks! Anyway you have totally free hosting for these things, like 000webhost. Because the truth is I am in the same position, I forget and lose my things, and if you count over time it is a lot of money

Yeah def, like one time I needed a refund because I forgot auto renew was on